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"A Journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step"

Our Kindergarten Classrooms are lively with full of energy and love. If our Kindergarten has to be described in a single phrase, then the phrase would be Geniuses in the Making.

Morning Prayer

"When Prayer becomes your habit, miracles become your lifestyle."

We start our day with prayer every morning. Our Akshayans chant slogans and mantras followed by meditation. Its the morning prayer that gives us the spiritual energy to shine through the day.  



"Today's Readers are Tomorrow's Leaders."

Our library is the most visited place in our school campus. Akshayans visit the library whenever they get a chance. Our library is open even on most of the Sundays and public holidays.



"I make most of my friends through Extra-curricular Activities."

We have an array of Extra-curricular activities that takes place every Saturday in our school campus. A few of them are Karate, Keyboard, Abacus, Bharatham, Silambam, Skating, Drums, Guitar, etc.

Sports & Games

"A Sound Mind in a Sound Body"

Sports and Games are an integral part of life at Akshaya. Every akshayan actively takes part regularly in at least one game. Basketball is the most loved game in our school.

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