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Our Motto

Harmonious development of Hand, Head & Heart

Hand symbolises Physical strength

Head symbolises Intellectual strength

Heart symbolises love/concern for fellow beings

Our Mission

The aim of our school is to produce competent, disciplined, matured and patriotic citizens with high moral and ethical standards. Our mission is to impart education in the real sense of the term, Harmonious Development of Hand, Head & Heart, paving way for the all-round personality of children harmonizing the rich traditional traits of culture with modern needs and challenges.

Our Philosophy
learning to learn.jpg

Learning to Learn is an inherent part of our school culture. Our students are encouraged to think, analyse and question things before they understand. In the process, our teachers make learning, pleasant and enjoyable experience for our akshayans.

Our History

We had a humble beginning way back in 1992, when our first school was started at Palani with 154 students and 15 teachers. The founders of our institution, Mr. Purushothaman and Mrs. Sundarambal Purushothaman, being dedicated teachers themselves, we went on to win a number of accolades in the field of education. Today, the name AKSHAYA is synonymous with Quality Education.

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